Li Zhou

Ordinary Member

Li was a registered paediatrician in China. After she obtained her PhD from University of Sydney in 2011, she worked as postdoctoral research officer for 2 years before she stepped into biobanking field. This year is her 7 years full time working as Project Officer with The Tumour Bank at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. In the past 5 years, Dr Zhou has taken a lead role in the administration of the Tumour Bank through the transfer to and management of the Tumour Bank Labmatrix Database, which is operated in conjunction with the Children’s Cancer Institute. She led the process that saw The Tumour Bank become the first certified biobank in NSW. She has published 3 papers just on biobanking. She is a lead participant in the formation of the NSW Childhood Cancer Survivor Cohort project being run in collaboration with the Children’s Cancer Institute and funded through Paediatrio. Her recent engagement with childhood cancer biobankers at the International Society for Biological and Environmental Society in Shanghai has led to a collaborative project around patient engagement in biobanking based research with researchers at Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre. This project is ongoing but continues to raise Dr Zhou’s profile both locally and further afield.