Audrey Partanen

Ordinary Member

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Audrey Partanen was appointed as the Executive Officer of the Victorian Cancer Biobank in 2013, Australia’s largest open-access, research-based cancer biobanking networks in Australia.

Audrey’s career began as a Registered Nurse in the USA before changing to a laboratory based career in histopathology where she specialised in diagnostic and research pathology. Her career in biobanking began after establishing the first paediatric tissue bank at Seattle Children’s Hospital before relocating to Australia where she established the Melbourne Health Tissue Bank. Following 10 years at the Tissue Bank Manager at Melbourne Health, and playing a pivotal role in obtaining Government funding to establish the Victorian Cancer Biobank, Audrey was recruited to reorganise operations at the Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank in Queensland.

The skills, knowledge and practical experience that Audrey has acquired throughout the continuum of biobanking contributes greatly to her work in driving a strategic biobanking agenda in Australia.