Judith Heads


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Judith began biobanking in 2011 with the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank, a national tissue bank in the UK where she coordinated specimen collection at the St James’s University Hospital in Leeds. In 2014 she started as a Tumour Bank Officer for the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank (ABCTB) at its central site at the Westmead Institute for Medical Reasearch, and at the beginning of 2015 Judith worked on a part-time secondment at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research for both the North Shore collection site of the ABCTB and the Kolling Tumour Banks.

Over her six years’ experience in biobanking, Judith has been involved in many aspects of biobank operations for which she has drawn on her backgound in both biomedical research and bioethics. In both multisite breast cancer tissue banks she has been centrally involved in the ongoing development, implementation and documentation of procedures and has maintained a strong focus on quality assurance. In her current position at the ABCTB, Judith coordinates specimens and clinical data from eight collection sites for supply to researchers, and also manages the ongoing collection of clinical follow up data.