Call for Abstracts

This year’s call for abstracts will feature three separate themes:

  1.  The first is an invitation to submit an abstract on ‘frugal innovations for effective biobanking’. These abstracts may describe any aspect of biobanking (managerial structures, technical solutions, collection strategies) that demonstrate the use of an altered or novel method of biobanking to meet the changing landscape of biobanking. This group of abstracts is intended for poster presentation, and a selection of these shall be chosen to present at a rapid-fire poster presentation scheduled during the program.
  2.  Secondly, scientific abstracts on any aspect of biobanking are invited for either a poster or an oral presentation. Those submitting their work can designate their preferred mode of presentation, however the final decision will be made by the organising committee.
  3.  Finally, abstracts for poster or oral presentations are invited that describe the output (samples distributed, scientific papers produced, other measures) of your biobank facility over the last decade. Selected abstracts from this theme shall be chosen to present at a specific ‘selected abstracts’ session, scheduled during the program.

What to submit? Download the abstract template here and simply email it to email  before Friday 4th September 2015