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This award is designed for current ABNA members to recognise another member, past or present, who has contributed and/or continues to contribute to the Australasian biobanking community.

. The nominated individual should demonstrate ABNA’s aims of

  • support of Australasian biobanking
  • promote ethically sound high-quality specimens for research
  • promote the benefits of biobanking
  • enhance knowledge amongst the biobanking community

 The Achievement in Australasian Biobanking award will be open for nomination and awarded every two years, with the recipient announced at ABNA’s Annual Conference. Nominees can include biobankers, clinicians, pathologists, zoologists, herbarium managers and/or researchers who demonstrate ABNA’s core aims and mission.

The inaugural award will be presented at ABNAs 20th Annual Conference in 2023.


Nomination & Selection Process

ABNA members will be notified when nominations are being accepted (early 2023).

As part of the nomination process you will need to provide:

  • description of your reasons for nominating the individual
  • description of the nominee's contributions in support of the nomination

Nominations for this award will be sought from active ABNA members and the submissions will be judged by the Prize subcommittee. Judging will be a merit-based comparison of the achievements and alignment with ABNA’s aims.

Current members of ABNA committees will not be eligible for nomination.

Only nominations received on the official nomination form will be accepted.

No nominations will be accepted once the nomination period has closed.

The nomination form can be found here: https://forms.office.com/r/zLW7R9ptnB