Louise Ludlow

Vice President

Louise manages the Children’s Cancer Centre Biobank at The Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne.  Louise has been in this role since she was given the opportunity to establish the biobank in 2013. She strives to provide high quality, clinically annotated biospecimens for national and international translational research projects and to deliver complex logistical and technical support for cancer clinical trial research including precision oncology.

Louise has over 15 years cell and molecular biology experience in four laboratories including a PhD from Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (The University of Melbourne) and a post-doctoral position at Northwestern University, Illinois, USA. These skills along with specialised expertise in the ethical framework surrounding paediatric biobanking, implementation of cost recovery processes and engagement with philanthropic funding bodies have enabled the continual improvement and development of this research enabling platform. 

Louise is an advocate for the role of biobanking working in partnership with clinical services and medical personnel to drive research leading to progress and change.