Special Interest Groups


To provide ABNA members with an equal opportunity to:

  • Network with biospecimen scientists and biobankers in diverse areas of agricultural, veterinary, human and ecological research – fostering collaboration and encouraging a one-health approach.
  • Enhance and encourage the utilisation of data and specimen resources.
  • Build relationships and collaborate with likeminded biospecimen scientists and biobankers within their field/sub-discipline, working towards shared goals and professional development. 

Contact the Special Interest Group chairs for more information. 

Banking for Biodiversity Special Interest Group

B4B SIG LogoThis SIG aims to understand, improve and promote the use and implementation of biobanking as a conservation action for the management of Australasia’s biodiversity. Their aim is to share information between biobanks to improve program sustainability, collaboration and promote the value of biobanking to relevant stakeholders.

SIG Chairs: Emma Dalziell and Rose Upton

Clinical trials and Population Cohort Biobanking Special Interest Group

CTPCB SIG LogoThis SIG aims to bring together expertise to facilitating improvements and promote excellence in biobanking for clinical trials and cohort studies, and related research, across Australasia. It aims to provide a formal networking space for likeminded biobank teams within Australasia.

SIG Chairs: Ilka Priebe, Jennie Hui and Wayne Ng


Post-mortem Tissue Collection Special Interest Group

PMTC SIG LogoA collaborative task force to consolidate learnings and best practice in post-mortem biobanking, support new banks establishing protocols and lobby for infrastructure support in adult, paediatric and veterinary research.

SIG Chairs: Cassandra Griffin and Louise Ludlow


Quality Management and Improvement Special Interest Group

QM SIG logoA community that identifies quality and improvement gaps and areas of interest and facilitates forums to tackle identified topics.

SIG Chairs: Samantha Higgins and Beth Caruana