Biobank Usage

Research published in 2009 using tissue specimens supplied by ABN-Oncology-affiliated tissue banks

The following research has been published in 2011-2012 using data or tissue specimens supplied by ABN-Oncology-affiliated tissue banks

  1. Ken Dutton-Regester, Darryl Irwin, Priscilla Hunt, Lauren Aoude, Varsha Tembe, Gulietta Pupo, Cathy Lanagan, Candace Carter, Linda O’Connor, Michael O’Rourke, Richard Scolyer, Graham Mann, Christopher Schmidt, Adrian Herington, and Nicholas Hayward (2012) A high throughput panel for identifying clinically-relevant mutation profiles in melanoma. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 11(4):888-97.

Publications arising from collections funded by ABN-Oncology

  1. Creaney J, Dick IM, Segal A, Musk AW, Robinson BW. Pleural effusion hyaluronic acid as a prognostic marker in pleural malignant mesothelioma. Lung Cancer 2013; 82: 491-498

  2. Creaney J, Sneddon S, Dick IM, Dare H, Boudville N, Musk AW, Skates S, Robinson BWS. Comparison of the Diagnostic Accuracy of the MSLN Gene Products, Mesothelin and Megakaryocyte Potentiating Factor, as Biomarkers for Mesothelioma in Pleural Effusions And Serum. Disease Markers 2013; 35: 119-127

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